CBDRT Helps Tiphereth Camphill in Edinburgh

Tiphereth is a medium-sized charity in Edinburgh, Scotland, for people with learning disabilities and other support needs. We have three residential care homes, a wide variety of day services and social enterprises.  CBDRT have awarded a grant to Tiphereth to help them buy some new woodworking tools for their users.  Glenda MacKenzie, Fundraising Manager, said: “Tiphereth Camphill in Edinburgh is delighted that Currie & Balerno District Round Table have donated £400 to our Pentland Group for the purchase of specialist woodworking tools. Our members, who all have learning disabilities or complex needs, will be able to extend their range from making simple items like candleholders to garden furniture, toys and other more complex items. The process of making quality items can be fulfilling and something all our members who attend the Pentland Group day services, can be proud of.”