CBDRT support Edinburgh Garden Partners!

Edinburgh Garden Partners is a small charity dedicated to supporting elderly and/or vulnerable people across the city stay independent in their own homes by taking care of their gardens. The garden sharing scheme is based on mutuality – a volunteer gardener will look after the garden in return for a dedicated space to grow fruit, vegetables or flowers of their choice. Garden volunteers are typically residents who have no green space of their own and are looking for space to grow.

CBDRT are delighted to announce funding to help EGP purchase gardening tools and provide training for volunteers. Jane Brennan, Manager at EGP said, “Huge thanks to the Round Table for their generous donation. This money will enable us provide volunteer gardeners with basic training, tools and seeds to get them growing and tending to the gardens of elderly and vulnerable people across the city. The benefits of our garden share scheme extend beyond purely practical help – new friendships form, the home owner feels less anxious and more secure knowing that the garden is under control, both parties can enjoy home-grown fruit and vegetables and having an extra person around to look out for a vulnerable person can be a huge help to family and friends. Many, many thanks for your support!