CBDRT, The Friends of the Pentlands and The Water of Leith Conservation Trust join forces!

Poets Glen is an important path that connects The Water of Leith Walkway at Currie to the foothills of the Pentlands between Blinkbonny Road and Harlaw Road. Parts of this path are in serious need of repair especially a footbridge that has collapsed into the burn at the top of the Glen. The Friends of the Pentlands, The Water of Leith Conservation Trust and CBDRT have joined forces and we are delighted to announce that funding has been secured to ensure the repairs go ahead.

Charlotte Neary, Community and Volunteers Officer at the Water of Leith Trust said, “Thank you so much for the donation. It makes a lovely story with two conservation charities and CBDRT working together to link path networks. We look forward to the work starting and will of course keep you all updated on the progress, thank you again.”