CBDRT donate to local Football Club

Currie Star is a community club formed in 1997 and is based in Currie, with its home pitch at Malleny. The Club have established strong links with local partners including Play2Learn, Heriot Watt University and the SFA and have attained the Quality Mark Communhity Award. All coaches and parents offer their services on a voluntary basis and the players are all very committed and enjoy playing together as a team.

Currie Star got in touch with CBDRT to see if they would be interested in supporting their Under 15 Colts trip to Barcelona and members were very keen to provide the requested financial assistance. Yvonne Lawrie, fundraiser for the trip said, “Thank you so much to CBDRT for their generous donation. The boys are all really looking forward to playing in Barcelona and the money has gone a long way in reaching the desired target. We will keep you all posted on our fundraising progress and will absolutely let you know how the boys fair in Spain, thank you once again!”

CBDRT renew support for the Pentland Book Festival

CBDRT have once again agreed to be one of the main sponsors for the Pentland Book Festival, which this year shall run from the 21st until 27th November. Last year was the first time that the event was organised in the area, which received popular support from the community. It is the Book Festival’s intention to build on this successful formula for the 2nd Pentlands Book Festival but also extend the scope of interest, including more events based on non-fiction texts as well as other genres. CBDRT members met and there was a unanimous agreement for the Round Table to once again support this important event and they look forward to attending in November.

Alison Munro, Pentland Book Festival Organiser said, “We would once again like to thank CBDRT for their continued support. We are truly grateful for the financial boost this will give the Festival to ensure that we continue the growth of our event and we look forward to seeing you all in November.”