CBDRT donate £1000 to Currie Day Centre

Currie Day Centre serves older people in the Currie, Balerno and Juniper Green area and has been running since 1999. Every Friday, they provide an activity and a lunch for 15 members of the community. For many of these people, this is the only opportunity they have to socialise, and for some it is their only full cooked meal of the week. The centre relies heavily on volunteers and at the end of the summer the committee approached CBDRT for funding to cover annual transport costs, allowing members of the Day Centre to be collected from their homes and dropped back after the sessions finish.

Round Table members met at the beginning of September and unanimously agreed a grant of £1000 to support the centre for the next year. Sally Heron, Chair of the Currie Day Centre said, “We are very touched by the kind gesture and I would like to thank you on behalf of all of our Volunteer Helpers and our Members who will be very appreciative. It will make a great difference to our transport funding moving forward, thank you so much.”