CBDRT renew support for the Pentland Book Festival

CBDRT have once again agreed to be one of the main sponsors for the Pentland Book Festival, which this year shall run from the 21st until 27th November. Last year was the first time that the event was organised in the area, which received popular support from the community. It is the Book Festival’s intention to build on this successful formula for the 2nd Pentlands Book Festival but also extend the scope of interest, including more events based on non-fiction texts as well as other genres. CBDRT members met and there was a unanimous agreement for the Round Table to once again support this important event and they look forward to attending in November.

Alison Munro, Pentland Book Festival Organiser said, “We would once again like to thank CBDRT for their continued support. We are truly grateful for the financial boost this will give the Festival to ensure that we continue the growth of our event and we look forward to seeing you all in November.”

CBDRT, The Friends of the Pentlands and The Water of Leith Conservation Trust join forces!

Poets Glen is an important path that connects The Water of Leith Walkway at Currie to the foothills of the Pentlands between Blinkbonny Road and Harlaw Road. Parts of this path are in serious need of repair especially a footbridge that has collapsed into the burn at the top of the Glen. The Friends of the Pentlands, The Water of Leith Conservation Trust and CBDRT have joined forces and we are delighted to announce that funding has been secured to ensure the repairs go ahead.

Charlotte Neary, Community and Volunteers Officer at the Water of Leith Trust said, “Thank you so much for the donation. It makes a lovely story with two conservation charities and CBDRT working together to link path networks. We look forward to the work starting and will of course keep you all updated on the progress, thank you again.”

CBDRT help fund local boy Josh Manson

Over the summer CBDRT helped fund a sports wheelchair for local boy and former Currie High student, Josh Manson, who has cerebral palsy and is currently undertaking a course in Sports Coaching/Development at Edinburgh College. He has always loved sport and in 2011 found a club called Lothian Phoenix Wheelchair Basketball. His basketball passion grew and since 2013 Josh has been playing for Scotland in National competitions winning many award along the way. We are absolutely delighted that we were able to support Josh and look forward to hearing about more of his sporting achievements in the future.

CBDRT support Edinburgh Garden Partners!

Edinburgh Garden Partners is a small charity dedicated to supporting elderly and/or vulnerable people across the city stay independent in their own homes by taking care of their gardens. The garden sharing scheme is based on mutuality – a volunteer gardener will look after the garden in return for a dedicated space to grow fruit, vegetables or flowers of their choice. Garden volunteers are typically residents who have no green space of their own and are looking for space to grow.

CBDRT are delighted to announce funding to help EGP purchase gardening tools and provide training for volunteers. Jane Brennan, Manager at EGP said, “Huge thanks to the Round Table for their generous donation. This money will enable us provide volunteer gardeners with basic training, tools and seeds to get them growing and tending to the gardens of elderly and vulnerable people across the city. The benefits of our garden share scheme extend beyond purely practical help – new friendships form, the home owner feels less anxious and more secure knowing that the garden is under control, both parties can enjoy home-grown fruit and vegetables and having an extra person around to look out for a vulnerable person can be a huge help to family and friends. Many, many thanks for your support!

CBDRT help Currie Primary School fund a sensory garden.

Currie Primary approached CBDRT to see if they would help support a sensory garden to be used by all their classes, but particularly by students with additional needs. The Round Table are delighted to announce that they have pledged £300 towards the project which has allowed the school to reach the target for the work to start.

Peter Reid, Treasurer of the Parent Council said, “Thank you so much for your generosity and ongoing support. We are delighted that the project can go ahead and we look forward to seeing the inevitable benefits that the garden will bring to the children’s’ education.”

Young At Heart receive a £350 boost from CBDRT.

Young At Heart are a Balerno based organisation who provide superb care for 25/30 elderly members in the CBDRT community, meeting once a week at the Parish Church during term time. The carers at Young At Heart provide a safe and happy place for members to socialise, exercise and provide vital information on topics including energy saving, safety advice from the police and health issues.

Mary Laing, Chairperson at Young At Heart says, “We cannot begin to thank CBDRT enough for their generous donation which will help us continue to fund the weekly sessions. We are delighted that CBDRT can be of so much assistance and look forward to taking the organisation from strength to strength in the future.”

CBDRT donate £1000 to PALM.

The PALM Steering Group run the PALM café from St Joseph’s Church, Balerno and provide care for people living with Dementia. CBDRT have awarded a grant to help fund important parts of the management of the café, as well as allowing the group to have the freedom to repeat volunteer training opportunities in areas including reminiscence, art and music therapy. Kay Latimer, Chair of PALM said, “We are absolutely delighted by the generosity of CBDRT and cannot wait to put this remarkable grant to fantastic use, thank you so much.”

CBDRT Helps Tiphereth Camphill in Edinburgh

Tiphereth is a medium-sized charity in Edinburgh, Scotland, for people with learning disabilities and other support needs. We have three residential care homes, a wide variety of day services and social enterprises.  CBDRT have awarded a grant to Tiphereth to help them buy some new woodworking tools for their users.  Glenda MacKenzie, Fundraising Manager, said: “Tiphereth Camphill in Edinburgh is delighted that Currie & Balerno District Round Table have donated £400 to our Pentland Group for the purchase of specialist woodworking tools. Our members, who all have learning disabilities or complex needs, will be able to extend their range from making simple items like candleholders to garden furniture, toys and other more complex items. The process of making quality items can be fulfilling and something all our members who attend the Pentland Group day services, can be proud of.”

All in Harmony for Pentland Singers Thanks to CBDRT

The Pentland Singers is a locally based community choir which has been singing in the area for 30 years. It consists of an adult choir numbering approximately 85 singers drawn primarily from Balerno, Currie, Juniper Green and Colinton areas, and a junior choir of around 30 children drawn mainly from local schools.  The Pentland Singers is a registered charity and donates to local charities each year with some of the proceeds from our concerts. The choir performs concerts in the local community at least twice a year and it participates in the Balerno Music Festival.

The Singers approached CBDRT for funding to buy staging for 80 people, to replace their old, worn-out and potentially less safe arrangements.  CBDRT was delighted to help, as they see the value in community groups such as the choir, which also raises money for good causes.

Round Table Helps Brownies Through the Winter

When the boiler in the Currie Brownie Hut packed up, the Brownies turned to CBDRT for help – and they weren’t disappointed.  Supporting local community groups to upgrade their infrastructure is one of Currie, Balerno and District Round Table’s main aims, so the committe voted some money to get the boiler up and running again, helping the Brownies to keep going through the winter months.