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Currie and Balerno Round Table is a voluntary organisation that raises money, and then distributes this money to support good causes, mostly locally. These causes could be charities, community groups or individuals.

We also arrange local events, to support the community and to raise money.

We consider every request for assistance on a case-by-case basis, but will usually be most keen to support:

  • Local causes – primarily Currie, Balerno, Juniper Green, Colinton and Baberton but also the surrounding areas
  • Causes that benefit people, either directly or by providing an amenity
  • Applications where the applicant or beneficiary is also making a significant commitment, if they can do so
  • Requests to support a single item or project – where it is clear how Round Table support will make a difference

Applications where there is good evidence that our support will bring benefits – through tried and tested methods, or where there is clear efficiency in the process.

If you would like to approach the Round Table to apply for a grant, please use the form on this page to get in touch. If you are applying for support, please explain how your request might fulfil the criteria above, if appropriate.

We are always delighted to hear from everyone, we may be able to help in ways that aren’t monetary – if in doubt, get in touch!

Previous Donations
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Apply for funds

To apply for funds, simply fill in this form – please provide any details of the cause/ project which will benefit, and any other details which you think would help us make a decision.

We like to spread the word about Round Table donations, and to do so we may put details of any funding awarded in news articles, on our website, Facebook page and Twitter feed. Please let us know if for any reason you would not like an award to be advertised in this way.

You should receive an email notification within a few minutes to state that your application has been received.