Santa is coming!

Every year the Currie, Balerno and District Round Table bring Santa, his sleigh and his many volunteer elves to the streets of the community near you. As usual he will come and see all the very well behaved children in the area to find out what they want for Christmas!

Closer to the time, you will be able to see where he is going to visit in the table on the next door tab of this page. These dates can be subject to change, due to adverse weather conditions and technical difficulties, so please come back again and check here for all the latest updates.

You will also be able to see the routes we are taking and the start times too. Maps are attached to each of the routes for a closer look. We try very hard to be where we say we are going to be at the times we state. With the best will in the world, we cannot always fulfil our best laid plans. Please don’t be disappointed, jump in the car and come and see on the following days run if needs be.

If you have any specific questions you can email us on

In recent years, we have raised lots of money that has been donated to local charities throughout the community. To find out where the money you donated has gone have a look here.

Santa and his sleigh only get to visit the district because of the many volunteer elves who help out. If you would like to get involved please come and get involved here.


IMPORTANT NOTE: We cannot always guarantee that we will keep to this schedule. For example, adverse weather etc can slow us down. We do attempt to keep everyone informed on this page, twitter and our facebook page. 

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