Our Beer Festival, Fireworks and Santa runs make money we give away to good causes throughout the year. You can see who we have given to recently here - you will be able to see our donations range from £100 to £2000

Below is an exerpt from the guidelines that we use for donating:

  1. Making a difference

We prefer to donate for a specific item or cause, rather than to general funds. We especially like to donate for physical infrastucture which can be used for many years, rather than one-off items or events.

  1. Localness

We tend to prefer beneficiaries that are located, or have a strong connection with, the Pentland Valley. This includes Currie and Balerno of course, but also Juniper Green, Colinton, Baberton and Wester Hailes.

  1. Values

We are very unlikely to give to political causes, and generally do not give to religious (or anti-religious) organisations. We also tend to prefer human causes over animal ones.

We welcome all applications for funding . How to go about it:

  1. Come up with a plan. What do you need?
  2. Price it up - how much money do you need to get it?
  3. Apply by sending us a message

Our eager volunteers will reply to you, perhaps with more questions or requests for clarification. Under normal circumstances it can take a few months for the money to be released - donations need to be agreed at a quorate meeting, which happens once a month.