Beer Festival 2022

May 18, 2022

FAQ for the Currie Beer & Curry Festival 2022

When and where is the festival?

6pm to 12 midnight, Fri 10th & Sat 11th June 2022 at Currie Community Centre, Lanark Road, Currie, Edinburgh

How much does it cost to get in?

£15 gets you in, a fancy commemerative 1/3rd pint glass, a stylish dayglo wristband and three drink tokens.

What does a drink token get me?

The tokens can be exchanged for any of the 30+ beers and ciders. You can use 3 tokens if you prefer to use a pint glass. Red & white wine & fizz is served per glass (supplied) for 3 tokens.

Will you have vegan-friendly beers? What about gluten free?

Yes, about 2/3rds of our beers will be vegan friendly, and we'll have a few gluten free. Our beer menu will indicate which ones.

Does the entry price include food?

No, the entrance does not include food, it is sold separately. This is mainly so we can work out how much food to make and avoid waste.

Tell me about the curry then....?

Chicken or Lamb curry is £9

Veggie curry is £8

It will be served from 7pm each night and will be supplied by Kasbah in Marchmont

Sorry, but we can't guarantee that the curries are wheat or gluten free. The veggie currie is vegetarian but not vegan.

Where do the profits go?

Any profits from the beer festival will be distributed to local good causes. Have a look at our donations page to see who we have donated to recently.

Can I buy more drinks tokens on the night?

Yes - You can buy extra tokens on the night. We will take cash or cards.

Can I buy a food ticket on the night?

Sorry but no - we need to plan ahead on how much food to prepare. Please buy your food token in advance.

Will there be music again this year?

Yes we will have live music both nights.

We have Cranachan headlining on both Friday and Saturday.

On Friday we have Blue Soul and on Saturday Auld Hat and Joe Mooney

Is the event child friendly?

Sorry but you have to be over 18 to come - we'd love to make it a family-friendly event but it makes licencing much more complicated.

Is the event dog friendly?

Only outside the venue.

Do you employ staff?

No, all of us are local volunteers and don't get paid.

Where do I get tickets?

Get your tickets on for Friday here and Saturday here

Helm (your ticketing page) seems to be asking for the names of everyone in my party, why is that? Is it important?

It's useful for us to know the ticket purchaser's name in case of any problems, but your tickets are transferrable to anyone over the age of 18. Feel free to put the purchaser's name for all the tickets or make up some amusing name for your party members.

But but but I have a question that isn't answered here!?

No probs, get in touch with us here

Do I get a prize for reading all of the questions, even this one?

Sadly no

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